IvanPatzaichin is a world legend of canoeing. He competed in five consecutive Olympics (1968-1984) and won 7 Olympic medals, which is more than any other canoeist has ever achieved.
Born in Mila 23, a fishermen’s village in a secluded area of the Danube Delta, he started at 16 as a fisherman’s apprentice next to his father. Inspired by some fellow villagers, he took up rowing and as he turned 18 he won his first Olympic gold medal, in Mexico. After 20 years of athletic glory, Ivan Patzaichin continued his passion for canoeing as a coach and coordinator of the Romanian Olympic team. In 2010 he decided it was time to commit to the development of the local communities inhabiting the majestic natural reserve of Danube Delta, the only delta of Europe and a biodiversity world treasure

“Once you've got a dream, don’t let anybody dampen it!”

Ivan Patzaichin